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Start of construction for the refectory square at the University of Osnabrück


The redesign of the 3400 m2 refectory forecourt in Osnabrück, which is in great need of renovation, has begun. This upgrading and redevelopment measure is being carried out as an extension of the outdoor area of the student centre, which was completed in September 2021, and in line with the successful redesign of the neighboring Palace Garden.

The primary goal is the barrier-free upgrading and improved lighting of the square area in order to consider all aspects of the students' social and traffic safety and well-being concerns. With focus on increasing the quality of stay in the immediate area of the refectory. Upgrades include 150 permanently installed bicycle parking spaces, a large number of different seating areas, approximately 4000 new perennials and woody plants as well as 13 large trees will be installed on the square based on the planting plan in the Palace Garden.

This construction period completes the winning design from a 2017 competition, which aimed at uniting all the square, path and vegetation areas from the OsnabrückHalle to the Palace Garden, Seminarstraße and the student centre into a self-contained open space ensemble that can be experienced.

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