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Stadium Pierre-de-Coubertin, Lausanne


We are pleased to present to you the latest developments of our collaborative project with the architects from Translocal for the modernization of the Pierre-de-Coubertin Stadium in Lausanne. The plan involves a comprehensive transformation that is expected to be completed by 2028-2029, providing sustainable infrastructures.

Compared to the original plan, the modernization project, under the guidance of Grégoire Junod, the Mayor of Lausanne, has been extensively revised. The need for temporary stands for major sports events has been abandoned in favor of a permanent structure with 12,000 seats, including 4,000 covered seats.

The stadium's redesign is part of the "Métamorphose" project and meets diverse requirements. Planning is carried out in close collaboration with future users, including sports clubs and recurring events such as the "20 km de Lausanne" and the international Athletissima meeting.

Following the transformation, the site will replace the aging Pontaise Stadium in its role as a venue for elite sports. We take pride in being part of this groundbreaking project and look forward to its successful realization in collaboration with our partners and the city of Lausanne.

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