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Perspektive des Horizont-Parks in Innsbruck.

POLA builds the Horizont Park in Innsbruck


Together with ma.lo architectural office from Innsbruck, we won the EU-wide competition for the design of open space and sports facilities in the south of the Campagne Reichenau area in Innsbruck. The competition's motto was 'building a piece of the city' and it is hoped that the project will have an impact on the whole district. We were able to present our winning project on 24 October 2022 together with the City of Innsbruck, represented by Mayor Georg Willi and Councillor Helmut Buchacher, among others.

In the future, the buildings of the campaign will merge with the public, functionally designed park landscape to form a single unit. POLA's 'Horizon' park is designed as a gentle hill with a playable topography. The roof of the sports facility will be greened and the park space expanded by this measure. In addition, the park will provide direct access to the Inn River. "We have planned a 'horizon' park here, which is intended to give people a feeling of space and relaxation through the spatial interlocking of architecture and open space. The grandstand of the sports field practically disappears into the landscape and thus achieves a surprising effect for the public," is how the ma.lo architects sum up our joint project.

This 'piece of the city' is being built by the 100% subsidiary of the city, Innsbrucker Immobiliengesellschaft (IIG), together with Neue Heimat Tirol (NHT). "The selected project was able to convince the jury because it creates a connection to the building architecture. The open space with the public park in combination with the new sports facility thus results in an appropriate ensemble," says IIG managing director Dr. Franz Danler. After the demolition of the Volkshaus Reichenau and the existing sports facility, the implementation of the project is to start in 2024. The completion of the park and the 17,400 sqm sports facility is scheduled for mid-2026.

Our winning model will be on display at the Stadtteiltreff Reichenau (Radetzkystraße 43f, Innsbruck) on 31 October 2022, as well as on 2 and 3 November 2022 from 1.00 to 4.00 pm each day.

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