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4. May: Fancy a picnic? Day of urban development celebrates in the castle garden


The Day of Urban Development will be held on Saturday, 4. May, from 2 to 6 pm in the castle garden. After the municipal portion of the palace garden was redesigned about three years ago, the completion of the castle terrace and the new student centre have now been completed the work on the entire Schlossgarten ensemble.


“A reason to celebrate,” says mayor Katharina Pötter. “The municipal part from the OsnabrückHalle to the canteen and from the Neue Graben to the Mauer on the castle rampart, i.e. around 25,500 square metres, were produced with urban development funds from the federal and state programme “Living centres.” The total costs amounted to around four million euros, whereby the city had to carry only one third itself. The Berlin landscape architecture office POLA has reinterpreted the baroque garden in a contemporary way: the Schlossparterre is the lock ground with the fountain field that can be played.

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